Victoria Lason

Victoria is a M.S entomology student co-advised by Dr. Jeri Barak  and Dr. Russell Groves.

Her current research concerns the characterization and influencing factors responsible for the survival and spread of S. enterica in fresh produce crops, primarily through an entomological perspective. Analyzing the relationships between Salmonella persistence in fresh produce and a variety of phytophagous insects holds potential to aid in the development of food protection strateg

ies in the future.

Areas of interest

Agricultural entomology, insect influence upon plant

diseases, plant-insect-microbe interactions, evolutionary biology


M.S. Candidate in Entomology, University of Wisconsin – Madison

BA Biology, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL, 2017

BA Environmental Studies, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL, 2017


2nd place, oral presentation, Wisconsin Ecology Spring Symposium 2018


Victoria Lason, Russell L Groves, and Jeri D. Barak. Connecting Insects and Human Enteric Bacterial Pathogens: Using Electrical Conductivity as a Proxy for Direct Plant Damage Caused by Macrosteles quadrilineatus in Lettuce and Tomato. 2018 Entomology Society of America, North Central Branch Meeting, August 7-11, Madison, WI.

Victoria Lason, Matthew Maurice, Russell L Groves, and Jeri D. Barak. Analyzing how insect mechanisms and plant architecture influence Salmonella enterica populations. 2018 Food Research Institute Annual Meeting, May 23-24, Madison, WI