Undergraduate Research Symposium Spring 2017

Gabrielle Stamas, Daniel Minahan and Johanne Brunet. Examining the foraging ecology of two social bees in a shared habitat.

Cecilia Grinis, Daniel Minahan and Johanne Brunet. The relationship between pollen identity and quantity of two social bee pollinators. 

Alayna Hoesly, Emma Nelson and Johanne Brunet. The impact of temperature and salinity on seed germination in different varieties of alfalfa.

Emma Nelson (top) and Alayna Hoesly at the undergraduate symposium

Biology 152  Poster Session

Bio 152 Spring 2017

Emma Nelson, Alayna Hoesly and Johanne Brunet. The impact of temperature and salinity on seed germination in different varieties of alfalfa.

Austin Staudinger, Daniel Minahan and Johanne Brunet. Implications of correlations between quantities of pollen collected with time spent foraging by honey bees and bumble bees.

Undergraduate Research Symposium Spring 2016

Alexandra Kois and Marisa Brudny presented their research at the Spring 2016 Undergraduate Symposium!  Alexandra is working with graduate student Danny Minahan and examined the pollen brought back to the hive by bumble bees over the summer months to determine the foraging patterns of bumble bees. 

Marisa worked with graduate student Austin Bauer and examined how temperature and salinity affected seed germination of different alfalfa cultivars.  

Alexandra at the Undergraduate Research Symposium
Alexandra (above) and Marisa (below) at the Undergraduate Research Symposium

Marisa at the Undergraduate Student Symposium


We had a great time at the Biology 152 mentored research poster session on December 8! There was great undergraduate research being presented from all over campus, including from two of our very own. Congrats to Erica and Kyle on their achievements this past semester!

erica_2015Erica Shaffer presented preliminary results from her research comparing the pollen foraging choices of honey bees (Apis mellifera) and bumble bees (Bombus impatiens). Erica will be continue this research throughout the spring semester!

Mentor: Danny Minahan and Johanne Brunet



Kyle Krellwitz presented his Biology 152 Independent Project about the Development of GUS in alfalfa plants for pollen carryover experiments with three distinct pollinators.  
Mentors: Emmanuel Santa-Martinez, Cibele Cardoso De Castro, Johanne Brunet



The upcoming General Biology 152 Poster session will be occurring next week on Tuesday Dec. 8 @ 5pm! The Brunet Lab will have two undergraduates, Erica Shaffer and Kyle Krellwitz showcasing their research  from this past semester. Please come down and see the results of their projects, as well as the diversity of research conducted by UW undergraduates.

IMG_0671Halloween shenanigans in the lab did occur this year with a crazed Denver Broncos fan and a bumble bee! 

We’ve got forests of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in the greenhouse. Can

Emmanuel&JillianinalfalfaGreenhouse you spot Jillian or Emma-Santa!?  

And of course the honey bees that will be used to examine the effects of pollinators on selfing-rate in Alfalfa.


USDA-ARS and Department of Entomology, University of Wisconsin-Madison