Spreadsheets for Students

“Decision Methods for Forest Resource Management”

by Joseph Buongiorno and J. Keith Gilless, Academic Press, San Diego, 2003.

Decision Methods for Forest Resource Managers focuses on decision making for forests that are managed for both ecological and economic objectives. The essential modern decision methods used in the scientific management of forests are described using basic algebra, computer spreadsheets, and numerous examples and applications. Balanced treatment is given throughout the book to the ecological and economic impacts of alternative management decisions in both even-aged and uneven-aged forests.

Important Notes: 

  • You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer in order to view these spreadsheets.
  • To do optimizations you must also install the “Solver” add-in on the “Tools” menu in Excel.¬† See the Excel “Help” files for instructions.
  • The spreadsheets will NOT open in your browser – you need to save them to your hard drive or a flash drive to view them:
    • In Internet Explorer: Right-click on the chapter link and select “Save Target As…” and choose a location to save the spreadsheet.
    • In Firefox and Chrome: Right-click on the chapter link and select “Save Link As…” and choose a location to save the spreadsheet.

Text Spreadsheets for Students

Chapter 2 Spreadsheet 
Principles of Linear Programming: Formulations
Chapter 11 Spreadsheet
Forest Resource Programming Models w/ Integer Variables
Chapter 3 Spreadsheet
Principles of Linear Programming: Solutions
Chapter 12 Spreadsheet
Project Mgmt. w/ CPM/PERT
Chapter 4 Spreadsheet
Even-Aged Mgmt: A First Model
Chapter 13 Spreadsheet
Multistage Decision Making w/ Dynamic Programming
Chapter 5 Spreadsheet
Area & Volume Control Mgmt. w/ Linear Programming
Chapter 14 Spreadsheet
Simulation of Uneven-Aged Stand Mgmt.
Chapter 6 Spreadsheet
A Dynamic Model of the Even-Aged Forest
Chapter 15 Spreadsheet
Simulation of Even-Aged Forest Mgmt.
Chapter 7 Spreadsheet
Economic Objectives & Environ. Policies for Even-Aged Forests
Chapter 16 Spreadsheet
Projecting Forest Landscape & Income Under Risk w/ Markov Chains
Chapter 8 Spreadsheet
Managing the Uneven-Aged Forest w/ Linear Programming
Chapter 17 Spreadsheet
Optimizing Forest Income & Biodiversity w/ Markov Decision Processes
Chapter 9 Spreadsheet
Economic & Environ. Mgmt. of Uneven-Aged Forests
Chapter 18 Spreadsheet
Analysis of Forest Resource Investments
Chapter 10 Spreadsheet
Multiple Objectives Mgmt. w/ Goal Programming
Chapter 19 Spreadsheet
Econometric Analysis & Forecasting of Forest Product Markets