The EGSA comprises all interested graduate students with good standing in the Entomology department. The EGSA provides a student voice for departmental affairs by holding elected seats on all departmental committees, promotes social interactions and serves the community by educating about the importance of insects and science through the Insect Ambassadors program.  The association hosts several departmental functions each year, including the Spring Picnic and the EGSA Thanksgiving Dinner.  The clubs also organize insect collecting field trips, bug trading nights and insect movie nights.  EGSA established and manages the Kinney Merit Award that provides support for graduate student enrichment, usually for costs associated with attending scientific meetings.  EGSA also coordinates a Linnaean Games team that competes in an exciting question-and-answer, college bowl-style competition on entomological facts played between university student teams.  EGSA sells various entomology related items for fundraising like shirts and mugs.