Spring Picnic

This years spring picnic was held on the grass behind back patio and had good weather.  Thank you everyone for contributing dishes to share.  Thank you to Joliene for organizing and Ben for cooking!

Thanksgiving Dinner

This year we deep fried one turkey and baked a second that turned out deliciously.  Thank you to Jesse and Charlie for cooking the turkeys, Rachel for organizing and everyone else for bringing dishes to flush out the meal.  This years raffle prizes included a bottle of wild turkey, a whole turkey,  T-shirts, a canvas bag, a mug, and coupons for the snack bar.

Field Trips

Insect field collecting trips are generally 2-4 day trips to nearby states to collect insects.   Often people camp out and collect at several locations throughout the trip.  Frequently people in the advanced taxonomy courses attend the field trips and are able to get many families needed for the collections. Past field trips have included Missouri, southern Illinois, and Louisiana.  This year we had a trip to Potosi in southern Wisconsin to hunt in vain for Passalids.  Fortunately we found Passalids in KY and TN in conjuction with the national ESA meeting.

Movie Night

Movie night is generally dedicated to insect movies of all kinds from children’s animated movies like Ants to C horror movies like Mothra.  Students can enjoy some snacks and entertainment and possibly work on insect collections.

Bug Trading Night

Bug trading night is a chance for students in the intro to entomology course 302 and other advanced taxonomy courses to exchange insects in order to complete their required collections.  Students can ask questions of the students in the advanced courses and everyone can chat about insect taxonomy.  People usually bring snacks to share.

Linnaean Games

The ESA Linnaean games are a lively question-and-answer, college bowl-style competition on entomological facts played between university-sponsored student teams. It is an important and entertaining component of the ESA Annual Meeting. Each team is comprised of four players. The teams score points by answering questions correctly. The winning team wins inscribed trophy cups for each team member and a plaque for the team’s department. The runners-up win a certificate for each team member and a plaque for the team’s department. In addition to the national game, the ESA Branches conduct their own Linnaean game competitions at their yearly Branch meetings. The winning team and the runner-up both go on to the national competition. (  This year our team won second place at the North Central Branch and will advance to the national meeting!
Videos of the games are available at

NCB Linnaean 2014

At the national meeting in 2012 our team won the silver medal beating out UC-Davis, Penn State and Nebraska!