Departmental Seminars

The entomology department regularly hosts seminars during the teaching semester.
All seminars are at 12:00 PM in Russell Labs Room 150 unless otherwise noted.

Jan 20, 2017Phil TownsendUW Madison FWELight, Cameras, Action! -- Spectral Measurements, Plants and EcosystemsRick Lindroth
Jan 27, 2017Bobbi PeckarskyUW Madison ZoologyEffects of climate change on stream organisms
Susan Paskewitz
Feb 3, 2017Claudio GrattonUW Madison EntomologyNatural pest-suppression services in agricultural landscapes: scaling from the plant, to field, to the landscapeRick Lindroth and Susan Paskewitz
Feb 10, 2017Dominique Brossard

UW Life Science Communications
Science, Risk, and Public Opinion: Insights from Science Communication ResearchRick Lindroth and Susan Paskewitz
Feb 17, 2017George Heimpel
University of MinnesotaPotential for biological control of a parasite of Darwin’s finchesSusan Paskewitz
Feb 24, 2017PJ LieschUW Madison Entomology2016 in Review: Tales from the Insect Diagnostic LabRick Lindroth
March 10, 2017Brian AllanUniversity of IllinoisThe Consequences of Livestock-Wildlife Integration for Tick-Borne Disease Risk in Central KenyaSusan Paskewitz
March 17, 2017Scott LarsonUW Madison EntomologyEcology of ticks and tick-borne disease in Wisconsin (Ph.D. Exit Seminar)Susan Paskewitz
March 31, 2017Ken RaffaUW Madison EntomologyUnderstanding mechanisms and roles of plant defense within the context of thresholds, feedbacks, and cross-scale interactionsRick Lindroth
April 7, 2017Ryan SmithIowa State University Dept of EntomologyHemocyte Contribution to Mosquito Innate ImmunitySusan Paskewitz
April 14, 2017Rick Lindroth and Susan PaskewitzUW Madison EntomologyUW Entomology – Distinctives for the 21st Century
Susan Paskewitz
April 21, 2017Karen OberhauserUniversity of MinnesotaMonarch Butterfly Biology and ConservationSusan Paskewitz
April 28, 2017Emmanuel Santa MartinezUW Madison EntomologyGraduate Exit SeminarJohanne Brunet
May 5, 2017Awards CeremonyUW Madison EntomologyUW Entomology Department Awards CeremonySusan Paskewitz
May 12, 2017Michael Falk and Stephanie JagemannUW Madison EntomologyGraduate Exit SeminarsKen Raffa