Departmental Seminars

The entomology department regularly hosts seminars during the teaching semester.
All seminars are at 12:00 PM in Russell Labs Room 150 unless otherwise noted.

Please contact either Shawn Steffan ( or Walt Goodman ( about meeting with speakers on their visits to Madison
Jan 26, 2018
Dr. Joshua BenoitUniversity of Cincinnati"Dehydration as a driver for shifts in the physiology and behavior of arthropod disease vectors"
Jan 30, 2018
4:00 - 5:00 PM
104 Russell Labs
Dr. Andrew HallThe Broad Institute
(Harvard and MIT)
"A male-determining factor in the mosquito Aedes aegypti"
Feb 2, 2018Dr. Alison BennettOhio State University"Microbial mediation of plant-insect interactions: Two case studies"
Feb 9, 2018Dr. Kerri CoonUniversity of Texas at Austin“Gut microbial diversity and function in mosquitoes”
Feb 16, 2018Dr. Charles Mason Penn State University " The Asian longhorned beetle, its microbial partners, and their interactions with host plants"
Feb 23, 2018Dr. Ben ZuckerbergUW-Madison FWE"Wintering Birds as Sentinels of Climate Change "
March 2, 2018Dr. Jennifer Angus UW-Madison"Arranging Nature"
March 9, 2018Dr. Walt GoodmanUW-Madison, Entomology"Hauling Hormones: Forty Years on the Road ."
March 16, 2018Dr. Matthew McCaryUW Ento"The impacts of an invasive plant on the soil fungal-based food web"
March 23, 2018NCB ESA Meeting
April 6, 2018Dr. Benjamin JaffeUW Entomology"Pickles and Ice cream! Working towards improved spotted-wing drosophila management"
April 13, 2018Dr. Cesar Rodriguez-Saona Rutgers U "Manipulation of natural enemies with plant volatiles: Is it a good idea?"
April 20, 2018Dr. Umut ToprakDept. of Plant Protection, Ankara University, Turkey"The Insect Peritrophic Matrix: Structure, Functions and its Potential
as a Target Site in Pest Control"
April 27, 2018Dr. Shawn SteffanUW Entomology"Terrestrial trophic ecology in Wisconsin: Illuminating the ‘black box’ of brown food-webs"
May 4, 2018PJ LieschUW EntomologyThe Good, the Bad, and the Bizarre: 2017 Cases from the Insect Diagnostic Lab
May 11, 2018Natalie Eisner UW EntomologyMS defense: "From theory to application: Mating disruption of Wisconsin cranberry pests "