Departmental Seminars

The entomology department regularly hosts seminars during the teaching semester.
All seminars are at 12:00 PM in Russell Labs Room 150 unless otherwise noted.

Please contact either Christelle Guedot ( or Claudio Gratton ( about meeting with speakers on their visits to Madison
Sept 7, 2018
Sean Schoville and Susan PaskewitzUW-Madison (Entomology)"Breaking the Bias" training session
Sept 14, 2018Dr. Marianna SzucsMichigan State University
"The role of agent hybridization in biological control"
Sept 21, 2018Dr. Claudio GrattonUW-Madison (Entomology)"Can we design sustainable bioenergy landscapes? Balancing our needs for production and biodiversity"
Sept 28, 2018Dr. Ian KaplanPurdue University“Navigating the trade-off between pest management and pollinator conservation”
Oct 5, 2018Dr. Matthew MedeirosUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas "Niche conservatism: case studies in cave and alpine Hawaiian Lepidoptera"
Oct 12, 2018Dr. Rufus IsaacsMichigan State University"Integrated Crop Pollination in theory and practice"
Oct 19, 2018Dr. Sean SchovilleUW-Madison"A new model in insect pest genomics: Colorado potato beetle"
Oct 26, 2018Dr. Greg KrawczykPenn State University"Invasive pests and IPM - the case of brown marmorated stink bug in PA"
Nov 2, 2018Dr. Valerie StullUW-Madison (Global Health Institute)"Insects as Food: Exploring Six-Legged Livestock"
Nov 9, 2018Dr. Lyric BartholomayUW-Madison (Entomology)"Critically Evaluating Community-Wide Mosquito Control Methods in Midwestern Cities"
Nov 16, 2018——————————————No Seminar—Entomological Society of America annual meeting
Nov 23, 2018——————————————No Seminar—Thanksgiving Week
Nov 30, 2018Dr. Bryan DanforthCornell University "The New View of Bee Phylogeny"
Dec 7, 2018Dr. Christelle GuedotUW-Madison (Entomology)"Understanding the spotted wing drosophila one berry at a time"
Dec 14, 2018Matthew Kamiyama UW-Madison (Entomology)"No more cherry on top: the consequences of spotted wing drosophila in Wisconsin tart cherry orchards"
(MS student defense)