Departmental Seminars

The entomology department regularly hosts seminars during the teaching semester.
All seminars are at 12:00 PM in Russell Labs Room 150 unless otherwise noted.

Please contact either Russ Groves ( or Sean Schoville ( about meeting with speakers on their visits to Madison
Sept 27, 2019
Dr. Henry ChungMichigan State UniversityWax, sex and the origin of species: Dual roles of insect cuticular hydrocarbons in adaptation and mating
Oct 4, 2019Dr. Gwen PearsonPurdue University
Science communication in a time of fake news and short attention spans
Oct 11, 2019Dr. Anthony SheltonCornell UniversityControl of Insects Through Genetics: from Geneva, NY to Dhaka, Bangladesh
Oct 25, 2019Dr. Andrew MacDonaldUniversity of California: Santa BarbaraVector-borne disease in a changing world: Identifying ecological levers for health
Nov 1, 2019Dr. Bryony BonningUniversity of FloridaCharles Chesley Doane Lecture:
Orange juice, psyllids and Bt toxins
Nov 8, 2019Dr. Adam DolezalUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Interactive effects of environmental stressors on bees: nutritional physiology, disease, and landscape
Nov 15, 2019——————————————No Seminar (Annual ESA Meeting prep)
Nov 22, 2019——————————————No Seminar (Annual Entomological Society of America Meeting)
Nov 29, 2019——————————————No Seminar (Thanksgiving Holiday)
Dec 6, 2019Jeremy
University of Wisconsin-MadisonPh.D. Seminar
Dec 13, 2019Audrey SimardUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonM.S. Seminar
Dec 13, 2019Audrey SimardUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonM.S. Seminar