Introducing the first ever Wisconsin Insect Fest—a celebration of the 20,000+ insects, spiders, and other arthropods that call Wisconsin home.

The Wisconsin Insect Fest is being hosted by the UW-Madison Department of Entomology at the Kemp Natural Resources Station in Minocqua, WI on July 26th and July 27th, 2019.  This free public event will feature a series of activities over two days, including the “Great Wisconsin Bug Hunt”—a 24 hour arthropod BioBlitz.


Whether you’re a dedicated entomologist or just someone that loves butterflies, dragonflies, and fireflies, the Wisconsin Insect Fest is for you.

The event is free, open to the public, and will offer activities for all ages (kids included!).


The Wisconsin Insect Fest will feature a number of talks, hands-on outings, and kid-friendly activities starting in the evening of Friday, July 26th and continuing on Saturday, July 27thA full schedule of events will be posted soon!

Bring your insect collecting or photography gear along as well!  In addition to breakout activities, the Wisconsin Insect Fest will feature the “Great Wisconsin Bug Hunt”—a 24-hour arthropod BioBlitz starting at 5 PM Friday and ending at 5 PM Saturday.  It doesn’t matter if it’s been decades since you last collected an insect or if you’re a regular insect observerThe Great Wisconsin Bug Hunt offers a chance to join entomologists and fellow insect enthusiasts to see just how many different arthropods can be observed at the Kemp station in a single day—including light trapping after sundown on Friday evening in conjunction with National Moth Week.

Don’t have that old insect net lying around anymore? Don’t worry—we’ll have plenty of equipment to loan out for the event!

About Kemp Station and Minocqua

The Kemp Natural Resources Station supports university researchers and enhances public awareness of northern Wisconsin’s natural resources.  The station’s 235 acres feature a variety of habitats ranging from bogs to lakeshore and northern hardwood forests and provides a diverse range of insect observing opportunities.  The Minocqua area is also home to a wide range of camping, lodging, and other recreational activities for those coming to the event.

Hope to see you at the Wisconsin Insect Fest this July!








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