Undergraduate Courses

Below is a list of the undergraduate-level Entomology courses at UW-Madison. The Course Guide is the official listing of courses for any given term.  Please see the Course Guide for all special topics and topical courses.

Entom/Envir St 201 Insects and Human Culture-a Survey Course in Entomology, 3 cr, Profs. Goodman and Hogg, offered Fall and Spring.
Course Description: Importance of insects in man’s environment, emphasizing beneficial insects, disease carriers, and agricultural pests that interfere with man’s food supply. Environmental problems due to insect control agents.
Enrollment note: if Entom 201 is full please enroll on the wait list for permission, preference will be given to freshmen, sophomores, and new students from the wait list.  If the wait list has not been activated yet, it will be once freshman enrollment begins.
Pre-Reqs: Open to Fr
Entom/Nutri Sci/Agron 203 Introduction to Global Health, 3 cr, Profs. Paskewitz, Tanumihardjo, and Pixley, offered Fall.
Course Description:
Introduces students to global health concepts through multidisciplinary speakers dedicated to improving health through their unique training. It targets students with an interest in public health and those who wish to learn how their field impacts their global issues.
Pre-Reqs: none
Entom 299 Independent Study, 1-3 cr.
Course Description:
Pre-Reqs: Open to Fr, So or Jr st & prior written cons inst
Entom/Zoo 302 Introduction to Entomology, 4 cr, Prof. Young, offered Fall and Spring.
Course Description: Principles including morphology and classification; a general collection of insects required of each student.
Pre-Reqs: An elem course in zoology
Entom 321 Physiology of Insects, 3 cr, Prof. Goodman, offered even Fall.
Course Description: Anatomy, histology and basic physiology of organ systems in insects.
Pre-Reqs: Entom 302 or cons inst
Entom 331 Taxonomy of Mature Insects, 4 cr, Prof. Young, offered odd Fall.
Course Description: Principles of taxonomy, identification and taxonomic morphology of adult insects.
Pre-Reqs: Entomol/Zool 302
Entom 351 Principles of Economic Entomology, 3 cr, Prof. Williamson
Course Description: Major economic insects: identification, life histories, bionomics, distribution, control; procedures in fundamental and practical inquiry.
Pre-Reqs: Intro course in zoology
Entom/Pl Path/Hort/Soils 354 Diagnosing and Monitoring Pest and Nutrient Status of Field Crops, 1 cr, Instructors Jensen, Hudelson, Sturgl, offered Spring.
Course Description: Diagnostic & field methods in field crop pest and nutrient stressors.  Includes elements of soil, agronomy, entomology, horticulture, plant pathology.
Pre-Reqs: None
Entom/Zoo 371 Medical Entomology, 3 cr, Prof Paskewitz, offered odd Spring.
Course Description: Arthropods of medical and veterinary importance, how they affect their hosts and transmit diseases.
Pre-Reqs: Intro course in zool or vet sci
Entom 375 Special Topics, 1-4 cr.
Course description: Subjects of current interest to undergrads. See the Course Guide for current topics.
Pre-Reqs: Cons inst
Entom 399 Coordinative Internship/Cooperative Education, 1-8 cr.
Course description: none
Pre-Reqs: So, Jr or Sr st & cons supervising inst, advisor, and internship program coordinator
Entom 432 Taxonomy and Bionomics of Immature Insects, 4 cr, Prof. Young, offered odd Spring.
Course Description: Lectures on anatomy/morphology, taxonomy, bionomics of immature insects (ordinal and familial levels).  Required field trips and collection.
Pre-Reqs: Entom 302 or equiv, or cons inst
Entom 450 Basic and Applied Insect Ecology, 3 cr, Prof. Gratton, offered odd Fall.
Course Description:  Advanced course in population and community ecology, plant-insect interactions, insect biodiversity and biogeography, and applied ecology.
Pre-Reqs: Biology 151 & 152 or consent of instructor
Entom 451 Basic and Applied Insect Ecology Laboratory, 1 cr, Professor Gratton, offered odd Fall.
Course Description: Companion course for Entomology 450. Field, lab, and computer exercises in fundamental ecological topics.
Pre-Reqs: Concurrent or previous enrollment in Entomology 450, consent of instructor for undergraduates
Entom 468 Studies in Field Entomology, 3 cr, Prof. Young, offered even Summer.
Course Description: Intensive summer field course outside of Madison area. Student field project, literature review presentation required.
Pre-Reqs: Entom 302, Jr st, and cons inst. (Recom ecology course & Entom 331 or 432)
Entom/Botany/Zoo 473 Plant-Insect Interactions, 3 cr, Prof. Raffa, offered even Spring.
Course Description: Arthropod exploitation of plants, plant-traits that deter or augment insects, environmental mediation of these interactions, effects on population dynamics, community ecology and co-evolution.
Pre-Reqs: One of the following: Bot/For/Zoo 460, Ent/Pl Path/For 500, Pl Path/Bot 505, Forestry 550, or Entom 342
Entom/F&W Ecol 500 Insects in Forest Ecosystem Function and Management, 2 cr, Prof. Raffa, offered odd Fall.
Course Description: Roles of insects in the functioning of healthy forest ecosystems, tactics for addressing challenges they pose to sustainable natural resource management.
Pre-Reqs: Botany 151 & 152 or equiv
Entom/Pl Path/Botany 505 Plant-Microbe Interactions: Molecular and Ecological Aspects, 3 cr, Profs. Barak, Bent, Kabbage, offered Spring.
Course Description: Molecular and ecological aspects of the interactions between plants and microorganisms.
Pre-Reqs: An upper level crse in microbiol (e.g. Bact 303); biochem (e.g. Biochem 501); & genetics (e.g. Genetics 466) or cons inst
Entom/Zoo 540 Theoretical Ecology, 3 cr, Prof. Ives, offered irregularly.
Course Description: Introduction to theoretical ecology; hands-on experience in computer modeling. For students with ecology background.  Strong math background not required.
Pre-Reqs: 1 year calculus, Zoo/Bot 260, Zoo/Bot/For 460 or equiv, & Jr st
Entom 601 Seminar in Methods of Scientific Oral Presentations, 1 cr, Raffa, offered even Spring.
Course Description: Training for the presentation of scientific topics
Pre-Reqs: Sr st
Entom/Pl Path/Soil Sci/ME Tox/Vet Sci/F&W Ecol 606 Colloquium in Environmental Toxicology, 1 cr, instructors vary, offered Fall and Spring.
Course description: Current topics in molecular and environmental toxicology and problems related to biologically active substances in the environment.
Pre-Reqs: Biology/Zoology 101, Biology/Botany 130, or equivalent
Entom/Genetics/Zoo 624 Molecular Ecology, 3 cr, Prof. Schoville, offered odd Spring.
Course Description: Basic principles of molecular ecology. Lecture topics include population genetics, molecular phylogenetics, rates and patterns of evolution, genome evolution, and molecular ecology.
Pre-Reqs: BOTANY/GENETICS/ZOOLOGY 466, GENETICS 467 or BIOCORE 383 or graduate student standing
Entom/Agronomy/F&W Ecol/ME Tox 632 Ecotoxicology: The Chemical Players, 1 cr, Prof. Karasov, offered in odd-numbered Falls.
Course Description: Introduction to natural and man-made toxins/toxicants, their distribution, transport, and fate in the environment. Includes lectures, current research presentations, and discussions.
Pre-Reqs: 2 sem intro biol & 1 sem organic chem, or cons inst
Entom/Agronomy/F&W Ecol/ME Tox 633 Ecotoxicology: Impacts on Individuals, 1 cr, Prof. Karasov, offered odd Fall.
Course Description: Addresses absorption, biotransformation, elimination of toxins in a wide variety of taxa (plants, invertebrates, vertebrates).
Pre-Reqs: M&EnvTox 632, or 2 sem intro biol & M&Envtox 631, or cons inst
Entom/Agronomy/F&W Ecol/ME Tox 634 Ecotoxicology: Impacts on Populations, Communities and Ecosystems, 1 cr, Prof. Karasov, offered odd Fall.
Course Description: Focuses on the impact of toxicants on populations, communities, ecosystems, and includes risk evaluation.
Pre-Reqs: M&EnvTox 633, or M&EnvTox 625, 626 & 631, or cons inst
Entom 699 Special Problems, 1-4 cr.
Course Description:
Pre-Reqs: Cons inst & Sr st
Entom 701 Advanced Taxonomy, 3 cr, Prof. Young, offered occasionally.
Course Description: See the Course Guide for current topic.
Pre-Reqs: Entom 331 and cons inst

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