Past Participants

Summer 2012 Participants

Participant PI & Department Mentor Project Title
Herman Campos 
Steve Ventura, Soil Science Erik Olson Cascading effects of gray wolves on tree saplings and herbaceous cover
Edison Caraballo-Pagán 
Erika Marin-Spiotta, Geography A. Peyton Smith Impacts on microbial community composition and functional activity with land-use change
Michelle Garcia Jim Kerns, Plant Pathology Renee Rioux Assessment of the Prevalence and Colonization Ability of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa on Commercial Creeping Bentgrass Seed
Marlena Hartman-Filson Rick Lindroth, Entomology Liza Holeski Aspen Growth and Resistance to Mammalian Herbivores
Leslie Holland 
Rebecca Harbut, Horticulture  Beth Ann Workmaster  Impact of Different Soil Moisture Regimes on Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Vine Physiology
Kathryn McAbee 
Amy Charkowski, Plant Pathology Ruth Genger Evaluation of potato cultivar performance in diverse organic farming conditions
Margaret Morrison 
Janet Silbernagel, Landscape Architecture Jessica Price and Kristina Nixon Taking a Stand on Michigan Conservation: Comparing Timber Availability Under Alternative Conservation Scenarios
Adriana M. Muñiz-Ponce 
Erika Marin-Spiotta, Geography A. Peyton Smith Shifts in Microbial Community Structure and Foliar Litter Chemistry with Forest Recovery in Puerto Rico
Hoai-Ngoc Ngo 
Juan Zalapa, Horticulture   Diversity and Homogeneity Revealed in SSR Analyses of NCGR Cultivars
Madeline Ruid Jack Williams, Geography Simon Goring Midwest Tree Species Distribution: Studying the Effects of Land Use Since the Presettlement Era
Morgann Shropshire John Doebley, Genetics David Wills Differential Expression of Selection-Candidate Genes in Maize
Samantha Sparrow Amy Charkowski, Plant Pathology Chakradhar Mattupalli Identifying heirloom potato cultivars resistant to silver scurf and study of interactions among soil-borne fungal pathogens of potato

 2012 Participants

Previous Participants

Listed below are some of past participants and projects from the former Plant Development, Breeding, & Genetics, Environmental Biology and Summer Symbiosis programs.

Plant Development, Breeding, & Genetics

List of past participants, their trainer’s lab and their projects, 2005-2007 (PDF)

Environmental Biology

Summer Symbiosis Program

List of past participants’ projects (PDF)