A food safety plan can help you implement systems on your farm to prevent contamination and respond effectively in the event that there ever is a concern about the safety of the food you produce. There are several templates available that make the process of writing a food safety plan straightforward. Each of these templates provides guidance to create a base food safety plan as well as supporting documentation and logs.

University of Wisconsin Farm Food Safety Template: University of Wisconsin-Extension

Log Forms

UW Food Safety Template

These are PDFs of logs and guidance documents that you can print out and use for the documentation of good food safety practices on your diversified vegetable farm.

FSP4U (Food Safety Plan for You): University of MN

This comprehensive template can be edited and is highly customizable for the needs of individual farms.

On Farm Food Safety Plan: FamilyFarmed.org

This web-based tool leads growers through a series of questions to create a personalized food safety manual for your farm.

Template for United Fresh Produce Association Harmonized GAPs Standards: Penn State Extension

This is a Word document that you can fill in with farm-specific information.