Current Lab Members

Dr. Christelle Guédot

Interests: Natural chemicals that mediate interactions between organisms and how these chemical messages affect insect behaviors, to develop practical applications for semiochemicals for integration into pest management programs while sustaining and enhancing pollination services. Read more…

Benjamin JaffeBenjamin Jaffe


Interests: I am broadly interested in understanding the dynamics between physiology, social and individual behavioral development, and community structure. Read more…


Bonnie Ohler

Ph.D. Student

Interests: My focus is mainly in the field of chemical ecology. My current project deals with lepidopteran pests of cranberry production.  Read more…

Abby Lois

Associate Research Specialist

Interests: The complex and intricate interactions between species and their importance for ecosystem health.  Read more…


Matt Kamiyama

M.S. Student

Interests: My research interests largely revolve around the interactions and consequences of invasive pest species in economically-important agricultural systems. Read more…


Jacob Henden

M.S. Student

Interests: I am interested in invasive species, with a focus on integrated pest management of invasive insect species.  Read more…


St Croix Falls4Janet van Zoeren

Extension Associate

Interests: Integrated pest control leading to more sustainable fruit production. I am especially excited about conservation and augmentation biological control.  Read more…


Robin Alcorta

Biotechnology Youth Apprenticeship Program

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Theresa Oberhauser

Biology 152 Independent Research Participant

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Former Lab Members

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