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Extension Presentations
Extension and outreach are crucial components that complement the applied research that is done in the Fruit Crop Entomology Lab. The Guédot Lab develops research questions to address growers needs and delivers this gained knowledge through a variety of avenues. This applied research aims to deliver innovative cost effective solutions, to educate the public and students, to encourage continued education and curiosity in the world around us, and to peers to continue collaborating on future advances in research.

Fruit Team Newsletter and Website
We are part of the Fruit Team at the University of Wisconsin, combining all aspects of fruit production including not only pests and pollinators but also nutrient, disease, and weed management aspects of fruit production. As part of the Fruit Team we are working to put together a website and newsletter that can be a resource to commercial fruit producers, as well as home growers. Please visit the Fruit Team Website, and from there you can view our newsletters or sign up at the right-hand side bar to receive them in your email inbox.