Agricultural pests have devastating implications on crops that can lead to a cascade of negative effects on food production, market accessibility, and ecosystem health. Both native and invasive pests are of concern to growers all over the world. We focus on identifying and monitoring pests and using research based data to provide management solutions to growers in Wisconsin.

Current Focus Pests in the Guedot Fruit Crop Entomology Lab

                        Japanese Beetles                             Adult Japanese Beetles are extremely invasive pests of over 350 plant species. As you can see in this picture, Japanese Beetles cause extensive damage to grape canopies in Wisconsin. Our research looks into how populations infest vineyards and what factors may make some areas more susceptible than others. Read more.
              Spotted Wing Drosophila                 Spotted Wing Drosophila is an invasive pest of many soft-skinned fruits including raspberries, grapes, cherries, blueberries, and others.  Read more.
                    Cranberry Flea Beetle                            Also known as the red-headed flea beetle, this insect feeds on much more than just cranberries. Read more.
                          Codling Moth                              A major pest in apple orchards, codling moth could be the insect responsible for the worm in your apple. Read more.
        Brown Marmorated Stink Bug           This common invasive pest not only feeds on many fruit crops, but can be nuisance in the home. Read More.
                           Social Wasps                                Social wasps can be both beneficial and pestiferous to Wisconsin vineyards. Read More.