Prevent Laptop Theft

Did you know that most of the laptops stolen on campus belong to faculty and staff, not students? Read this article at DoIT to learn how to prevent laptop theft:

Check Out Our New Travel Resources

Check out our new travel section – look under Travel on the Hub menu. On the Travel Links page, you’ll find links to a number of useful resources, including UW car fleet and a foreign currency converter. …

How to Create Short Web Links

Ever wanted to email someone a link to a page on your website, but the link wound up really long? There’s another way to tackle this problem.  The UW offers a service called goUW which …

8 Numbers Identity Thieves Want to Steal from You

Yahoo Finance published this article on identity theft: Exec summary: Phone numbers Dates and zips PIN codes Social Security Numbers Bank account numbers IP addresses Driver’s license and passport numbers Health insurance account numbers