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Answers to Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Access Files on the Russell Fileserver?

The way you access your files runs from fully automatic to fully manual:

Automatic – If your computer is on the Russell domain, we can setup your logon to automatically map out your drives.

Semi-Automatic – We can work with you to create a script that you run when you want to use departmental resources

Manual – You connect to network resources as you wish. Please see the following documents for information on how to do so –

Windows –

Mac –

Option 1: Automatic Drive Mapping
(we do it)



Option 2: Semi Automatic Drive Mapping
(we do it together)


  • Only available for Windows computers

We give you a script and you run the script each time you need to map the drive.

Option 3: Fully Manual Drive Mapping
(you do it by yourself)


  • Patience
  • Willingness to carefully follow the instructions

Instructions – covers wired or wireless connection, on campus or off campus

Map to your home drive:

Map to your lab drive:

How do I access my files from outside of Russell Labs or on wireless?

To access any computing resources inside Russell Labs from outside of our wired network (e.g., the Fileserver from your laptop using wifi, remote desktop from home, or to access the fileserver from home), you’ll need to use the Russell Labs VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Please see this article if you need to install the VPN client –

Already have WiscVPN installed on Windows 7? Here’s how to connect to the Russell Department VPN.


How do I print from the computers in the Herrling Computer Lab (room 436)?


What software do I have access to at UW/Russell Labs?


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