Hub Staff by Functional Area

The Hub Staff serve these departments: Entomology Forest and Wildlife Ecology Plant Pathology

In the event of dire emergencies, contact Mike Schaeffer at 608-206-4679.
For other issues, contact UW Safety.

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Hub Director

Drake_David_Thumb (1) Name: David Drake
Title: Director of Russell Labs Service Center
Phone: 890-0445
Office:215 Russell Labs

Hub Manager

 Lance Potter Name: Lance Potter
Title: Academic Department Manager/Administrator of Russell Labs Service Center
Phone: 608-263-4520
Office: 280 Russell Labs
  • Budget and financial administration
  • Human Resources contact for payroll, benefits
  • Policy and procedure on academic, instructional and outreach functions in Russell Labs
AmendaAlyson_Full_Size Name: Alyson Amenda
Title: HR Assistant
Phone: 263-4346
Office: 278 Russell Labs
  • Human Resources
  • Hiring
  • Payroll
  • Benefits

Front Desk Reception

Ballentine-Laurie10-11-2-1_Revised_Small_0 Name: Laurie Ballentine
Phone: 262-2671
Office: 237 Russell Labs
Email: lsballen@wisc.edu2010 Classified Staff Recognition Award winner
See this page for expertise details.

Financial Services

Webster-2009 Name: Margaret Webster
Title: Financial Specialist Program Supervisor
Phone: 608-262-3073
Office: 237E Russell Labs
Email: mmwebste@wisc.eduCALS Classified Staff Award 1998.
  • Oversee all financial to include pre-award to post award closeouts
  • Supervise financial area
  • Supervise student and LTE payroll
LutherLaurie-2009 Name: Laurie Luther
Title: Senior Administrative Specialist
Phone: 608-262-0235
Office: 237D Russell Labs
  • Pre-award
  • Grant proposals and budgets
  • Cayuse
  • NSF Fastlane
  • ECRT and effort reporting
barsuli_sm Name: Samantha Barsuli
Title: Financial Specialist 2
Phone: 608-262-6440
Office: 237A Russell
  • Expense report approval
  • Purchasing
  • Direct payments
  • Payment to individuals
  • Charge backs
  • Work orders – internal and external
  • Requisitions to include CORS
  • Academic Service Agreements Sole Source bids
  • Ordering supplies to include MDS and UW Fleet
Name:Nathan Henneger
Title: Financial Specialist 3
Phone: 608-263-4519
Office: 237C Russell
  • Expense report approval
  • Purchasing
  • Direct payments
  • Payment to individuals
  • Charge backs
  • Work orders – internal and external
  • Requisitions to include CORS
  • Academic Service Agreements Sole Source bids
  • Ordering supplies to include MDS and UW Fleet


Title: System Administrator
Phone: 608-
Office: 476 Russell Labs
  • Windows System Administration
  • Linux Server Administration
  • AD Administration
GuntherPaul-2009 Name: Paul Gunther
Title: IT Manager
Phone: 608-492-1616
Office: 474 Russell Labs
  • Management of IT operations at Russell Labs
  • Apple and mobile device support
  • Website management
Name: John Slaybaugh
Title: HelpDesk
Phone: 608-890-0248
Office: 436C Russell Labs
  • HelpDesk Awesomeness
  • Printers
  • Desktop Support

Student Services

Rodock-2009 Name: Sara Rodock
Title: Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 608-262-9926
Office: 284 Russell Labs
I coordinate all things related to academic programs including both undergraduate students and graduate students.If you would like more information about our academic programs, please contact me.Current UW-Madison students can use my WiscCal Scheduling Assistant link to make an appointment.


SchaefferMike-2010 Name:
Title: Instrument Shop
Phone: 608-206-4679
Office: B54G Russell Labs
  • Emergency contact for Russell Labs
  • Designs and constructs scientific field equipment and laboratory apparatus
  • Provides and oversees repair and maintenance in Russell Lab facilities including offices, labs and offsite Ag buildings and fields
Name: Timothy Lorenz
Title: Instrument Maker
Phone: 608-219-6911
Office: B81 Russell Labs
  • Develop and maintain instrumentation and lab equipment
  • Assemble and design unique scientific equipment
  • Maintain building facilities to include refrigeration units, -80 freezers, water systems, belts, switches and general instrumentation
DettingerTom-2010 Name: Thomas Dettinger
Title: Instrument Maker
Phone: 608-265-9233
Office: 290 Russell Labs
  • Maintains plant growth rooms
  • Facilities repair, installation and maintenance
  • Fabricate lab equipment
  • Departmental fleet vehicles
WipperfurthJohn-2010 Name: John Wipperfurth
Supervisor/Building Manager

Title: Instrument Maker
Phone: 608-333-2619
Office: B81 Russell Labs
  • Fabricate and repair lab equipment
  • Maintain building facilities
  • Aid in layout design and construction to fabricate required items


Name: Lori Barrow
Title: Editor
Phone: 608-262-6969
Office: AB25 Russell Labs
50% appointment.

  • Department newsletters – editor
  • Alumni databases
  • Departmental meeting minutes
  • Content editing for departmental websites
  • Meeting facilitation for annual lectures
  • Instructional material development assistance
  • Special project assistance