Tasks by Hub Staff Member

The Hub Staff serve these departments: Entomology, Forest and Wildlife Ecology and Plant Pathology

In the event of emergencies, contact Mike Schaeffer at 608-206-4679.
And if necessary, contact UW Safety.

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Academic Services

Task Contacts
Classroom reservations Laurie Ballentine
Integrated Student Info. Sys. (ISIS) Laurie Ballentine, Sara Rodock
Projector doesn’t work in classroom IT Staff
Timetable & Classroom Scheduling (TACS) Laurie Ballentine, Sara Rodock

Accounting/Purchasing Services

Task Contacts
Direct Payments
Materials Distribution Services  (MDS) department orders Laurie Ballentine
MDS specific requisition setup Sam Barsuli & Nathan Henneger
Payment to Individual Reports (PIRs) Sam Barsuli & Nathan Henneger
Pro-card site management Sam Barsuli & Nathan Henneger
Requisitions, purchase orders Sam Barsuli & Nathan Henneger

Building Services

Task Contacts
Building and facilities management Mike Schaeffer
Courier services/shipping Laurie Ballentine
Conference room reservations Laurie Ballentine – primary
Projector doesn’t work in conference room IT Staff
Department vehicles Laurie Ballentine,Tom Dettinger
Digital sign in lobby – Add Slide:If you would like to create a poster for a seminar and have it added to the digital sign, please download one of the three PowerPoint templates below. Create the poster, and then save it as a type of Portable Network Graphics (PNG), then email it to Laurie Ballentine.

Driver authorizations, State vehicle Laurie Ballentine
Email lists for departments IT Staff, Laurie Ballentine
Growth chambers Mike Schaeffer
Instrument shop Mike Schaeffer
Keys Laurie Ballentine
Lost and Found Laurie Ballentine
Mail, mailroom Laurie Ballentine,
Order office supplies Laurie Ballentine
Parking permits, State vehicle Laurie Ballentine
Photocopying/fax Laurie Ballentine
Telephone land lines Laurie Ballentine

Computing Services

Area: Task Contacts
Desktop Computer, consulting on ordering a new UW-owned computer IT Staff
Desktop Computer has virus IT Staff
Desktop Computer won’t start IT Staff
Desktop Files – can’t access files on department fileserver IT Staff
Desktop Linux support
Desktop Mac support Paul Gunther
Desktop Network is down IT Staff
Desktop Printer, installing IT Staff
Desktop Printer, office or lab – paper IT Staff
Desktop Printer, office or lab – toner IT Staff
Desktop Software, consulting on ordering software for a new UW-owned computer IT Staff
Desktop Software, installing on computers in a classroom IT Staff
Desktop Software, installing on computers in a lab IT Staff
Desktop Software, installing on a UW-owned computer IT Staff
Desktop Software, learn to use:

Desktop Russell network fileserver, apply for account Complete this form
Desktop Russell network fileserver – problems accessing files IT Staff
Desktop Russell network fileserver – problems logging in IT Staff
Mobile Mobile device support IT Staff
Web Department website – add/edit content – text, publications, photos Paul Gunther
Web Department website – why isn’t John Smith or Jane Doe listed Paul Gunther
Web Department website – I think it should be changed Your Department Chair
Web Department website – report it’s down Paul Gunther
Web Lab website – request an account on an existing site Complete this form
Web Lab website – request a new WordPress site (faculty or student groups) Paul Gunther
Web Lab website – questions/lessons on WordPress Paul Gunther

Grants Services

Area: Task Contacts
Pre-award Contracts/subcontracts Laurie Luther
Pre-award ECRT (on-line work effort reporting) Laurie Luther
Pre-award Grants.gov. Laurie Luther
Pre-award WISPER (pre-award & setup) Laurie Luther
Post-award Budget modifications Laurie Luther
Post-award Expenditure allowability determinations Laurie Luther
Post-award Project monitoring, reporting & closeout Laurie Luther

HR/Payroll Services

Task Contacts
Academic staff/faculty appointments Lance Potter
Employee benefits Lance Potter
Faculty/academic staff (yellow) leave reports Lance Potter
LTE payroll reports Alyson Amenda
Student hourly and LTE payroll management, including the initial hiring paperwork Alyson Amenda

STudent Services

Area: Task Contacts
Graduate Admissions processing, GWIS Sara Rodock
Graduate Fellowships Sara Rodock
Graduate Grad appointments Sara Rodock
Graduate Tuition deferrals to 3rd party Sara Rodock
Undergraduate Tuition remission Sara Rodock
Undergraduate Undergraduate advising Sara Rodock
Undergraduate Undergraduate curriculum Sara Rodock


Task Contacts
Airfare, hotel reservations Laurie Ballentine
Conference registration Laurie Ballentine
Fleet vehicles (Ag. fleet: 265-2519) Laurie Ballentine
Travel card Laurie Ballentine
Travel expense e-reimbursements Laurie Ballentine
Travel expense reimbursement approvals Sam Barsuli/Nathan Henneger