Sharing Insect Science

Graduate Student Led

Insect Ambassadors is a graduate student-led organization hosted by the Department of Entomology. We are an embodiment of the Wisconsin Idea: making the boundaries of the UW the boundaries of the state.  We’re here to help teach why insects are incredible organisms through interactive presentations and our knowledgeable, passionate students.

We love bugs

Insects are the most beautiful and amazing creatures on the planet.  We love ’em, and are excited to show you why you should, too!

Experienced Presenters

We give over 75 presentations per year, from ages of 3 to 103.  We can tailor our talks to any audience, and talk about any insect-related things you want.

Schedule your presentation today

We’re eager to share our passion and knowledge of insects to your organization.  Please get in touch with us today to schedule your presentation for this Fall!

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