Busy Summer

Our volunteer presenters are very busy with field work this summer and will not have time to do more presentations until after the semester starts again on September 8th. Thanks for being patient and hope to hear from you in the fall!

Schedule your summer program now!

If you are looking for a fun, educational, and affordable activity for your summer program then look no further! Insect Ambassadors would love to visit!

We are starting to get a lot of presentation requests so be sure to get your request in before all the good days fill up! You can see what days we already have scheduled presentations on the sidebar calendar (right).

Crestwood Elementary Science Night

Another successful Science Night at Crestwood Elementary! Local science nights are a great way to support the young budding scientists is your community. If you have interest in setting up a science night for your school district contact the Insect Ambassadors as a great information resource!

New Website!

Welcome to our new Insect Ambassadors website! Here you will find all the information you need about our program. On this main blog page we will keep you up to date on Insect Ambassadors going-ons, but presentation info, classroom activities and etc. are just clicks away!