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Insect Books

  • Eyewitness Books: Insects. Discover their behavior, anatomy and important role in Earth’s Ecology. Random House, Inc. New York. ISBN 0-679-80441-2. ($19)
  • Megabugs. The Natural History Museum Book of Insects (great pictures and text about how insects survive, what they eat, locomotion, and why they are so small). Barnes and Noble Books, New York. ISBN 1-56619-951-4.
  • Butterfly Book. The complete guide to butterfly gardening, identification, behavior and life cycle. Little Brown and Company, New York. ISBN 0-316-81780-5. ($13)
  • Ranger Rick’s Incredible Insects. Fun outdoor activities and indoor activity sheets about insects. Learning Triangle Press, New York. ISBN 0-07047102-9. ($13)
  • The Practical Entomologist. An introductory guide to observing, collecting and understanding insects. A Fireside Book, New York. ISBN 0-671-7495-2. ($15)
  • The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook. How to cook grasshoppers, ants, water bugs, spiders and more. Ten Speed Press, California. ISBN 0-89815-977-6. ($13)
  • The Icky Bug Alphabet Book. Great pictures and facts for young kids. Charlesbridge Publishing, Massachusetts. ISBN 0-88106-450-5. ($7)