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We love sharing insect knowledge with children through classroom and booth style presentations! Presentations typically split into two sections and last about 45 minutes total. The first part includes general info about insects, reasons why insects are good and bad, ways that insects survive in a world full of predators, ways that insects communicate with one another and much more! Part two is all about handling live insects and is usually the most memorable part of our visits.

Live Insect Presentation depends on what types of insects are available, and what types of insects the presenter is willing to handle. Presenters generally try to bring as big an assortment if they can. Insects available to us are:

  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
  • Death’s Head Cockroaches
  • Walking Sticks
  • Tobacco Hornworms

Children are allowed to hold the insects. None of the insects brought to a presentation can sting, bite, or transmit disease. All insects have been reared inside a lab, so they are clean. The live insects presentation is probably the most popular and memorable part of the presentation.

Presentation Restrictions

  • Destination to talks are limited to within an hour drive
  • Talks are usually geared for children age 3 and older
  • Summer presentations are subject to ambassador availability (typically, summer is “Field season” for our students, and many are not available.

We usually ask for a donation of $1 per student for classroom style presentations and or a maximum of $35 dollars for a booth style presentation. However, our goal is to share insect education no matter what your organization can afford! If cost is a concern, please specifically mention your needs when you contact us.

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