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Peer Reviewed Articles


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Impact of Brexit on the Forest Products Industry of the United Kingdom and the Rest of the World (2017)
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Potential Effects of United States Protectionism and Trade Wars on the Global Forest Sector (2017)
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Global Paper Market Forecasts to 2030 under Future Internet Demand Scenarios (2016)
Journal of Forest Economics 25: 14-28.

The Economics of Forest Carbon Sequestration Revisited: A Challenge for Emissions Offset trading (2016)
with G.C. van Kooten.  Annual Review of Resource Economics 8: November 2016.

Global Trade Impacts of Increasing Europe’s Bioenergy Demand (2016)
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Book Chapters

Economics of Forest Carbon Sequestration (2014)
With G.C. van Kooten and Z. Xu. Chapter 11 in Handbook of Forest Resource Economics. NY, USA: Routledge.

Working Papers

Carbon Neutrality of Hardwood and Softwood Biomass: Issues of Temporal Preference (2014)
With G.C. van Kooten. REPA Working Paper # 2014-06. University of Victoria.

Modeling Bi-lateral Forest Product Trade Flows: Experiencing Vertical and Horizontal Chain Optimization (2014)
With G.C. van Kooten. REPA Working Paper # 2014-04. University of Victoria.

Economics of Forest Carbon Sequestration (2012)
With G.C. van Kooten and Z. Xu. REPA Working Paper # 2012-04. University of Victoria.