Lindroth Lab welcomes two new researchers to the lab

The Lindroth lab is happy to welcome two new researchers to the lab from Switzerland, Mike Eisenring and Noreen Giezendanner.

Here they are, already hard at work in the lab:

Noreen received a Bachelor’s degree from the Applied University of North-Western Switzerland. During her thesis she studied the anti-inflammatory potential of saffron corm extracts on human keratinocytes. In order to satisfy her interest in phytochemical assays and to get some more hands-on experience in laboratory work, Noreen conducts a variety of phytochemical and molecular biology analyses in the Lindroth lab. Noreen loves surfing the mountains and sushi.

Mike received a Ph.D. in Agroecology and Entomology from University of Bern, Switzerland in collaboration with Agroscope, the Swiss Federal Agricultural Research Institute. His dissertation focused on the impact of inherent and genetically engineered plant defense mechanisms for plant-herbivore interactions in cotton. In his post-doctoral work Mike studies the potential implications of polyploidy for trembling aspen affected by drought stress and herbivory. In his spare time Mike is interested in fishing, bugs and basketball.

Welcome to Madison Mike and Noreen!

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