Lab life

Field season is always a busy time in the Lindroth Lab. We’d like to share some pictures of our lab hard at work!

May 2018: Expression Garden

Expression Garden from the north side

Experiment in progress!

Our collaborators: Sybille and Sandra from Jena, Germany

Sandra working her magic with the volatiles collection equipment

Volatiles collection progress!

Sybille preparing leaf samples for scanning

Chris scanning leaves

Caterpillers going back on trees

Flash freezing leaf samples for transcriptomics

The field team!

And we do have some fun at the field too!

LN freeze pops!

Artful leaf scanning!

All dressed in white!

Photos courtesy of S Unsicker, RL Lindroth and JF Riehl

Summer 2016 field season at the WisAsp and Comp Gardens (Arlington Agricultural Research Station).

WisAsp Garden

WisAsp Association Mapping Garden June 2016

WisAsp 2016 Field Crew

Comp Garden

Photosynthesis measurements

Photos courtesy of CT Cole, C Morrow and O Cope