Mosquitoes are annoying little pests that can drive you inside when you would rather be in the great outdoors. You can easily find information about lots of ways to prevent them from attacking you. But which of these methods works? To help you make an informed decision, this site will present the scientific evidence about the effectiveness of mosquito traps, candles and lanterns, electronic devices, home remedies, and bug sprays.  You can also find information about all the types of mosquitoes found in Wisconsin as well as current estimates of abundance in Dane County under the trap counts.

Read on to see what scientists have to say about your favorite mosquito prevention method, including:

Carbon dioxide baited mosquito traps
Mosquito Magnet
Dragonfly biting insect trap with Mosquito Cognito
SkeeterVac (SV3100, SV5100)
CT100 Mosquito vacuum trap

Area repellents
SC Johnson Off Lantern
ThermaCell mosquito repellent system
Mosquito foggers, yard sprays, home misting systems
Barrier systems
Citronella candles

Home remedies
Vitamin B (including patches)
Avoiding scented products (lotions, perfumes)
Dark Colored Clothing
Avoiding alcohol
Purple Martins
Frogs and tadpoles
Catnip Oil
Listerine and Bananas

Bug Sprays (Topical repellents for application to skin)
Products containing DEET including wrist bands, sprays, lotions
Products containing picaridin
Products containing citronella
Products containing lemon eucalyptus or PMD
Products containing IR3535
Products containing essential oils (botanicals)
Avon® Skin-So-Soft

Sonic or electronic devices

Have a remedy of your own that you don’t see here? Use the Contact Information page to submit a description. If it’s been subjected to scientific testing, we’ll update our list.

This information was gathered by scientists at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and the University provided support for the development of this website.