About Us

We are a group of graduate students and faculty who are part of the Novel Ecosystems IGERT, an NSF funded project with an objective of fostering collaborative research in the realm of conservation biology in an ever-changing environment.

The content of this website is the culmination of a semester long seminar tackling the idea of novel ecosystems and its relevance in research. We considered three broad themes of novelty: Causes, Effects and Implications; and spent time reading papers and discussing issues related to those themes. In an effort to compile our thoughts from the semester, we created this website. We hope it is used as a platform to inform anyone interested in the concept of novel ecosystems and provoke further thought on the topic.

Participants in the seminar included: Claudio Gratton, Volker Radeloff, Amy Alstad, Ricardo Rivera, Diana Guzman-Colon, Patrice Kohl, Daniel Grant, Chris Latimer, Mike Crossley, Aaron Koning, Martin Perales, Elliot Vaughn, Phil Manlick, Daniel Grant, Pete Guiden, Shelley Maxted