University of Wisconsin–Madison


Professor Susan Paskewitz

739 Russell Labs


B.A. Southern Illinois University

M.S. Southern Illinois University

Ph.D. University of Georgia

Teaching and Research Interests

My program centers on medically important arthropods, including ticks and mosquitoes, and the human pathogens they transmit.  I teach classes in global health and medical entomology and my research laboratory group works on problems of local and global health impacts.  Our current projects include and ecological/epidemiological work that targets disease reduction.  We are especially interested in:

Ecology and epidemiology of arthropod-borne disease in Wisconsin

See the Research Page for more information about these projects.

Outreach on mosquito and tick-borne disease and prevention

Our lab works with Milwaukee and Dane County Public Health to monitor mosquitoes and West Nile virus.  Results are found at

Undergraduate and graduate students test mosquito control methods and home remedies that are marketed to the general public. These include topical repellents, sonic devices, area repellents (plants and candles), CO2-emitting traps, as well as common lore pertaining to mosquito attraction and control (vitamin B, garlic, bananas, vanilla, bats, purple martins). The results of these tests and a summary of other scientific analyses are summarized here:

Ticks and tick-borne diseases are currently expanding and increasing in Wisconsin.  To help the public and health professionals follow the changes, we summarize information on Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis and other diseases as well as information on the occurrence and control of ticks in Wisconsin here: