I am not currently advertising for additional graduate students or post-doctoral researchers at this time. However, individuals with independent support are welcome to email me their CV and a brief cover letter describing their interests and support. Before contacting me, potential students should examine the research we conduct and read representative publications.

Motivated undergraduate students can gain research experience in the Pauli Lab by: 1) volunteering; 2) conducting research for course credit or; 3) working as a paid research technician. The availability of these positions is dynamic, and I encourage interested students to inquire about potential opportunities. Before contacting me via email, please visit my research and publications pages to learn more about my background and current projects in the lab. Due to the training involved, we ask that students make a minimum commitment of one year to the laboratory and work at least 8 hours/week.

***We are currently advertising for a Data Management and Laboratory Research Position in the Pauli Lab. Please see job advertisement here and apply if interested.***

Jonathan Pauli
email: jnpauli@wisc.edu

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