Danny Hofstadter

I have worked with the spotted owl throughout its range from the Sky Islands of southern Arizona to the wet, coastal forests of northern California, and am deeply interested in its continual survival. I have seen first-hand the effects of the barred owl invasion on spotted owl behavior and on the gradual spotted owl decline in the coastal forests of northern California. I have also experienced the relatively new arrival of the barred owl in the forests of the Sierra Nevada, and am deeply concerned for the future of the California spotted owl. My interest is to address the barred owl invasion in the Sierra Nevada and to study the effects that lethal removal of barred owls has on the subsequent population dynamics of both barred and spotted owls. I am also interested in studying the effects that illegal marijuana grows, which are a growing concern in California’s public lands in the Sierra Nevada, have on spotted owls. Anticoagulant rodenticides have been found at a vast number of trespass grow sites, and I will be studying barred owls specimens collected in the northern Sierra Nevada as surrogates for the California spotted owl’s exposure to these harmful chemicals.