Gavin M. Jones

PhD student


I am broadly interested in developing ecological models that inform management decisions and improve conservation outcomes. My PhD research will focus on the response of California spotted owls (Strix occidentalis occidentalis) to the 2014 King Fire and implications for forest management in the Sierra Nevada using mark-resight, GPS tracking, and PVA approaches.


M.S. Wildlife Ecology  |  U. of Wisconsin, 2015
B.S. Zoology & Conservation Biology  |  U. of Wisconsin, 2011


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**please feel free to contact me for publication reprints**

Jones, G. M., J. J. Keane, R. J. Gutiérrez, M. Z. Peery. In Review. Extinction debt in degraded old-forest ecosystems.

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Peery, M. Z and G. M. Jones [pre-print] Using population viability analysis to assess the potential effects of Washington DNR forest management alternatives on marbled murreletsMarbled Murrelet Long-term Conservation Strategy, Appendix C, 86 p.


15 August 2016 – Sierra Club – “The burning question about spotted owls and fire

5 August 2016 – Capitol Public Radio (Sacramento) – “Megafires could threaten California spotted owl


British Ornithologists Union (2017-present)
Ecological Society of America (2014-present)
The Wildlife Society (2011-present)