Kevin Kelly

I am currently the project leader for the California Spotted Owl Bioacoustics Project, which is working to locate Spotted and Barred owls on a wide scale using passive recording units.  The project will be used to help identify habitat and territory usage of Spotted and Barred Owls, as well as changes and interactions between the two species over time, with the aim of informing management decisions for both species.

My research experience includes a number of long term seabird and waterfowl demography programs throughout North America, seabird management programs in the Pacific Northwest, and owl demography work in California.  My primary interest is conservation and restoration, particularly in systems where birds can be used as indicators of ecosystem health at large.


MS, Biology, 2015, University of New Brunswick. Thesis “Atlantic Puffin health and its effect on reproductive health and honest signaling in bills and feet”

BS, Biology, 2007, University of Victoria