Prospective Students

Post-doc opportunity: Spatial and Population Ecology

I typically accept one graduate student with research interests similar to my own per year. I encourage qualified applicants to email me their CV and a brief cover letter describing their interests. However, before contacting me, prospective students should examine the research we conduct and read representative publications. Prospective students should have an interest in both applied and basic aspects of vertebrate conservation biology, and have a quantitative background. In addition to shared research interests, I typically accept students with strong GPAs and GRE scores, and that have previous field and/or laboratory experience in the field of wildlife ecology.

Note that the graduate program in Wildlife Ecology requires that incoming PhD students have already received a master’s degree and that funding is available to support the student’s stipend, benefits, and tuition. When funding is available, students are supported by working on an existing project under my direction. Otherwise, students must obtain their own funding via, for example, NSF or EPA fellowships, or from natural resources agencies.

Zach Peery