Tiffany Bougie

M.Sc. student


I am interested in how various conservation methods affect population dynamics of rare and endangered species along with how anthropogenic factors and biotic relationships influence population structure.

My master’s research is focused on population demographics of wood turtles in northern Wisconsin. I am exploring wood turtle nesting ecology and recruitment rates. Additionally, I am looking at how decreased nest predation rates via various nest protection methods will influence the structure of wood turtle populations in my study area.


B.S. Environmental Science |  U. of Wisconsin, 2015


Zalapa, J. E., T. C. Bougie, T. A. Bougie, B. J. Schlautman, E. Wiesman, A. Guzman, D. A. Fajardo, S. Steffan, and T. Smith (2014) Clonal diversity and genetic differentiation revealed by SSR markers in wild Vaccinium macrocarpon and Vaccinium oxycoccos. Annals of Applied Biology 166: 196-207.