Whitney A. Watson

M.Sc. Student


I am interested in spatial ecology as it relates to the conservation of threatened and endangered species. For my master’s research I will be looking at the dispersal and detectability of barred owls in the coastal redwoods of California, a region where nonnative barred owls are prolific and pose a threat to the native northern spotted owl. I will track juvenile barred owls using GPS satellite technology to collect information on dispersal, habitat selection, and seasonal movement. I will additionally be using bioacoustics in the form of methodically deployed Autonomous Recording Units to assess barred owl distribution and detectability. Through this project I aim to provide a basis for the effective management of barred owls in order to promote the conservation of the spotted owl.


B.A. in Biology | Macalester College, 2012


Rodríguez-Herrera, B., P. Rodríguez, W. Watson, G. F. McCracken, R. A. Medellín, and I. Galván. 2019. Sexual dichromatism and condition-dependence in the skin of a bat. Journal of Mammalogy 100:299–307.