William “Vince” Berigan

Assistant Project Leader
California Spotted Owl Demography Project


I am currently the assistant project leader on the California Spotted Owl DemographyProject which studies the factors that affect spotted owl population dynamics.  Our research group helps to provide the scientific basis for spotted owl management by linking demographic processes to habitat and environmental conditions, and estimating trends in spotted owl populations.

My current research involves using long-term California spotted owl monitoring data to assess the spatial congruency between designated Protected Activity Centers with actual owl roosting areas.  This study also outlines how long-term monitoring may present an opportunity for other researchers to use location data gathered over many areas to delineate core areas of use for other species of concern.  For more information, see the owl research page.


  • MS, Landscape Ecology.  California State University, Chico 2009.  Thesis: “Nest Site Selection of California Spotted Owls (Strix Occidentalis occidentalis) in the Lassen National Forest Analyzed at Several Spatial Scales”
  • BS, Biology.  University of Nebraska, Lincoln 1997.


Hiking, backpacking, birding, snowboarding, cycling


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