Fall 2013

Course Instructor: Professors Andrew Bent and Mehdi Kabbage
Lead Lab Instructor: Grace Kwan – Please contact for more information at gkwan@wisc.edu.

PP/Botany 123 lectures are Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. in room 184 Russell Labs. Register for the entire three-credit course by selecting one lab section, which will meet for one additional 75-minute session each week.

Course Outline

Plants, Parasites, and People is an exciting, hands-on course designed to provide real science experiences for non-science majors. Lectures use relevant examples — cutting-edge and historic — to illustrate science and biological concepts. Lab investigations foster exploration and discovery with dynamic, real-life science experiences.

The course is divided into three units:

Unit I: Plants, Pathogens, and Disease
Unit II: From Genes to Agriculture
Unit III: Ecosystems

Grades are based on three unit exams, laboratory investigations, a group project and participation.