Plant Pathology 300
Introduction to Plant Pathology

Welcome to Plant Pathology 300, “Introduction to Plant Pathology”. Plants have and will continue to be of great importance. The production of food and fiber from plants remains a critical endeavor to the success of all nations and societies. Furthermore, plants are taking on new roles in our lives. The aesthetic value of plants continues to rise in prominence and economic value. Plants are important sources of compounds used by industry, human health professions and energy sources. Thus, plant health is paramount to maintaining a stable and economic source of food, feed, fiber and industrial plant products.

You are about to begin a journey into the world of Plant Pathology, the study of plant diseases and plant health. You will learn about the causes of plant diseases, why diseases develop, how to diagnose plant diseases, and how they are controlled. Our intent is not to make plant pathologists of you, but rather provide you with the concepts and principles of plant pathology.

Picture of diseased fruit.
Photo by Patty McManus

Instructor Information

Course instructor: Professor Rouse,

Lab Coordinator: Maya Hayslett,

Time and Location

Lectures are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:55-10:45 in Room 184 Russell Labs.

Each student must register for one lab section. Lab sections meet weekly in room 187 Russell Labs.

Lab sections are:

  • 301 – Wednesday 5:00-8:00 PM
  • 302 – Wednesday 1:20-4:20 PM
  • 303 – Thursday 1:20-4:20 PM