Professional Development Workshops hosted by PPGC

Katie Gold hosted an Intro to R workshop for plant pathologists (10/24/18):

If you would like to use your own computer: Complete the following steps described in detail on the workshop website here:

  1. Download and verify that you have the correct version of R and RStudio installed
    2. Download the workshop materials and unzip them to your Desktop
    3. Install the packages “dplyr” and “ggplot2”


To see how to complete the above steps, please watch this video tutorial made by Dr. Sydney Everhart here: Please note that this video shows an example of downloading/installing the previous version of R and the most recent version is 3.5.1

Workshop Materials: HERE

If you have any problems with the download and install please contact Katie Gold (

We hosted Mandy Morrow from the Design Lab to lead a Workshop on Infographics (10/5/18):

Workshop Presentation: n/a

Making appointment with the Design Lab:

We hosted Dr. Brad Hughes from Writing Center (9/21/18)

Writing Successful NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Proposals and Personal Statements.

Workshop Presentation: