Professional Development

It is important to think about professional development and take advantage of the great opportunities that you have on campus.

We have asked some of our recent alumni in different types of positions some questions about their our journey.

This page is designed as a resource to get started, if you have additional ideas for content, please contact us.

Departmental Resources

Campus Resources

Additional Resources

  • LinkedIn
    • Search by institution—find an institution and click on the “Explore Careers….” link, filter from there
    • Search by employer—search for an employer and click on “see all” under “How You’re Connected”
    • Search by group—search for a group and click on “See all members”, use key words and filter
    • LinkedIn – Student Jobs 101
  • APS Careers page
    • Resource with information on finding jobs, but also background information before you begin to search
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
    • Vitae
      • Resource for advice and information on beginning a job search
  • HigherEdJobs
  • Academic Jobs Wiki
    • Search here for information regarding other candidate’s searches and experiences by institution