Current Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Associates

Rachel Arango (USDA FS; Grad. Student)
Role of symbiotic bacteria in termite-fungal interactions

Michael Falk (Research Asst.)
Effects of climate change on aspen – lepidopteran intercations

Michael Howe (Research Asst.)
Role of bacteria in red pine colonization by red turpentine beetles

Stephanie Jagemann (Research Asst.)
Phenology of nitidulid vectors of oak wilt

Adam Krause (Teaching Assistant)
Predators and competitors of bark beetles in historical vs. semi-naïve forests

Jesse Pfammatter (Grad. Student)
Belowground herbivory effects on forest vegetation

Zhudong Liu (Visiting Scientist)
Behavioral differences between Dendroctonus valens in its native North American vs. introduced Asian ranges