Visiting Students & Scientists

We enjoy frequent visits by international students and scholars, some of whom have the opportunity to stay for extended periods. These colleagues have brought new insights and methods, as well as their conviviality.

Visiting International Students
Josep Riba, Barcelona, Spain 1992 Host selection by bark beetles
Miri Halevy, Israel 1994-1995 Behavior of parasitic wasps
Paal Krokene, Os, Norway 1995 Bark beetle-fungal symbioses
Aurelien Salle, INRA Centre de Rech. d’Orléans France 2004-2005 Density effects on behavior
Arnaud Costa, France 2005 Predator and prey dispersal
Mario Contarini, Italy 2009 Allee effects in gypsy moth

Mario Contarini studying mating success of low-density gypsy moth populations in the Apostle Islands


Arnaud Costa painting beetles for mark-recapture in field


Aurelien Salle and Ken Raffa discussing host selection by bark beetles


Visiting Scientists
A. Camacho, Univ. Mexico City1997-1998Chemical ecology of beetles
M. Wagner, Northern Arizona University1996Sabbatical-Writing
J. Hayes, USDA FS, Pineville, LA1996-1997Genetics of bark beetles
M. Michelozzi, Florence , Italy1996-1997Terpene chemistry
L. Kirkendall, Bergen , Norway1993-1994Beetle mating behavior
K. Hobson, Christchurch , New Zealand1998Predator kairomones


Paal Krokene, Os, Norway


Marco Wagner, Northern Arizona University


Some Guest Lecturers in My Classes
Bill Mattson, USDA Forest Service Brian Farrell, Harvard Univ.
Dan Herms, Ohio State University Erkki Haukioja , Finland
Louis Bernier, Laval Univer. Bob Haack, USDA F Service
Mike Wagner, Northern Arizona University  

Bill Mattson, USDA Forest Service, and Dan Herms, Ohio State University