Christina Locke

109 Russell Labs          clocke@wisc.eduLocke

Education (CV)

B.S. Biology and Environmental Studies, summa cum laude. University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. May 2007.

Research Interests

I am interested in how land-use policy shapes our built environment and the distribution of natural resources.  My PhD research explains how policies like zoning and tax incentive programs encourage or discourage land conservation. I use diverse methods in my research including spatial GIS analysis, statistical and econometric models, and document analysis.

Before entering graduate school, my research experiences were ecology-focused. Research projects included pollination studies in agricultural systems on the east and west coasts, mantisas well as pine beetle and gypsy moth studies in Wisconsin forests. These projects required a lot of insect-catching (which I loved) and run-ins with prickly ash (which I didn’t love). They also sparked my interest in how land use and management impact the ecological systems people rely on.

Other Activities

I served as a graduate representative for the Forest and Wildlife Ecology Department at UW-Madison for two years. Grad rep duties included participating in orientation events for incoming students, coordinating social events, and representing the graduate student body at department meetings. I currently serve as a graduate representative for Wisconsin Ecology. My personal interests include rock climbing, trail running, violin playing, reading, facing fears and trying new things.


  • USDA AFRI-NIFA Graduate Fellowship (2012-2014)
  • USDA NIFA McIntire-Stennis Formula Grant (2012)
  • North American Congress for Conservation Biology Best Poster Award (2012)


  • Locke, C.M., and A.R. Rissman. Factors influencing zoning ordinance adoption in rural and exurban townships. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Rissman, A.R., Bihari, M., Hamilton, C., Locke, C., Lowenstein, D.,  Motew, M., Price, J., and Smail, R. 2013. Land management restrictions and options for change in perpetual conservation easements. Environmental Management. 52:277-288.
  • Locke, C. M., and A. R. Rissman. 2012. Unexpected co-benefits: Forest connectivity and property tax incentives. Landscape and Urban Planning 104:418–425.