Conservation Legends & Leaders

Sean&Chloe-webWe are proud of the legacy of John Muir, Aldo Leopold, and Gaylord Nelson and appreciate their many contributions. We wanted to hear more about the many others who have been involved in conservation science and advocacy. Graduate students in the Rissman lab created “Women in Conservation: Legends & Leaders” to expand the circle of voices and insights from conservation scientists and practitioners.

We hope that increasing the visibility of scientific contributions by modern figures and traditionally underrepresented groups will proactively challenge students’ perceptions of both conservation and conservationists.* We are always open to new inspirational and international figures, so if you have suggestions, feel free to let us know!

Here are some of our recent postings:

Nina Leopold BradleyNinaLeopoldBradleyRachel CarsonRachelLouiseCarsonEmma Lucy BraunEmmaLucyBraun

Wangari MaathaiWangariMaathaiHarriet Lawrence Hemenway, Minna B. Hall, and the Massachusetts Audubon SocietyHarrietLawrenceHemingwayElinor OstromElinorOstromJulia “Judy” BondsJuliaJudyBondsSally JewellSallyJewellRuth PatrickRuthPatrick

Gina McCarthyGinaMcCarthyJane GoodallJane_Goodall

Maria Osmarina Marina Silva Vaz de LimaMarinaSilva

Tia NelsonTia_Nelson


Fran HamerstromFranHamerstrom


Alice WatersAliceLouiseWaters*Many thanks for the work of Damschen, Ellen I., Kristen M. Rosenfeld, Mary Wyer, Deena Murphy-Medley, Thomas R. Wentworth and Nick M. Haddad “Visibility Matters: Increasing Knowledge of Women’s Contributions to Ecology”  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 212-219.

and thanks to Andrew L’Roe for organizing and maintaining this project!