The Big Boss

Michael D. Samuel, Phd. 
Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology
Assistant Unit Leader, USGS BRD
Wisconsin Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit


Current Students

Plummer PicIan H. Plummer
M.S. program



Rocio Jara, DVM
M.S. program




Current Post-Doctoral Researchers

Joy Wei Liao, PhD (University of Mississippi 2012)



Lab Alumni

Stacie J. Robinson, PhD
Doctoral student 2007-2011, Post-doc 2012
Currently: Post-doc at School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota


Daniel J. Storm, PhD
Doctoral student 2006-2011, Post-doc 2011
Currently: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Timothy M. Piazza, PhD
Post-doc 2010-2012
Currently:  Director of Cell Biology, Biosentinel Pharmaceuticals, Madison, WI


Vivianne Hénaux, PhD
Post-doc 2008-2012
Currently: Disease researcher in France


Christopher S. Jennelle, PhD
Post-doc / Assistant Scientist 2007-2012
Currently: Statistician, Iowa Department of Natural Resources


Bala Thiagarajan, PhD
Post-doc 2010-2011
Currently: Artist, Madison, WI


Kip G. Rogers
Undergraduate Research Technician 2008-2011
Currently: Masters Student, University of Delaware


Erik E. Osnas, PhD
Assistant Scientist 2005-2008
Currently: Wildlife Biologist, USGS, Laurel, MD


Gideon E. Wasserberg, PhD
Post-doc 2003-2007
Currently: Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC


Andrew McClung
Post-doc 2006-2007
Currently: Austin, TX


Peter H. Hobbelen, PhD
Post-doc 2005-2007
Currently: Mathematical Biologist, Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom


Julie A. Blanchong, PhD
Post-doc 2003-2007
Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Iowa


Francisco DeCastro
Post-doc 2006-2007
Currently:  Post-doc, Potsdam, Germany


Jorge Ahummada
Post-doc 2002-2006
Currently:  Technical Director, Conservation International, Arlington, VA


 Daniel A. Grear, PhD
Master student 2003-2006
Currently: Post-doc, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO


Abbey K. Thompson
Master student 2003-2006
Currently: Graduate Research Scholars Coordinator, Microbiology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI


Cherie A. Nolden
Master student 2003-2006
Currently: Farmer, Prairie Du Sac, WI


Michael Spelman
Undergraduate Research Technician 2005-2006



Damien O. Joly, PhD
Post-doc 2001-2004
Currently: Associate Director, Wildlife Health Monitoring & Epidemiology, Wildlife Conservation Society, Canada