Ian H. Plummer

Plummer PicMasters Student
Wildlife Ecology
Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology
University of Wisconsin-Madison




Research Interests
In general, I am interested in research related to the impacts of disease on wildlife, people, and ecosystems in an increasingly connected world.  This includes aspects of human land-use planning and management, effects of human habitat manipulation, communications, epidemiology, eco-toxicology, evolutionary biology, ecology, and wildlife management.

Current Research
My project examines environmental transmission routes of chronic wasting disease prions in cervids of North America.  This requires me to collect soil, water, and fecal samples from areas of the landscape which concentrate deer such as scrapes and both man-made and naturally occurring mineral licks.  I then test for the presence of prions using protein misfolding cyclic amplification methods.  Additionally, I am testing urine and fecal samples from orally inoculated elk, mule deer, and white-tailed deer in an effort to determine if there are differences in prion shedding patterns between species.
B.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Science, The Pennsylvania State University, 2010
B.A. Communications, Goucher College, 2001

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