Michael D. Samuel

Professor of Wildlife Ecology
Assistant Unit Leader, USGS BRD
Wisconsin Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit

204 Russell Labs
1630 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1598
Phone: 608/263-6882
Email: mdsamuel@wisc.edu


Assistant Unit Leader, USGS BRD

Current Research

The epidemiology of wildlife disease involves a complex interplay among the disease agent, the environment, and the ecology of host species. In a broad sense, understanding key components of the dynamics within and interactions among these three components are crucial to an improved understanding of wildlife disease ecology. Dr. Samuel’s research program combines a variety of laboratory analyses, field investigations, and epidemiology modeling tools to address a broad range of applied research on the ecology of wildlife disease. Recent and current projects concentrate on increased understanding the complexity of disease ecology affecting wildlife species and the development of effective management strategies. Research topics typically involve questions related to disease transmission, disease reservoirs, host ecology, impacts of disease of wildlife populations, and epidemiological modeling.


Degree Institution Major Field Granted
BS University of California-Berkeley Computer Science 1973
MS University of California-Davis Ecology
Thesis: A population dynamics model of California sea otters: identification of critical life history stages and management implications.
MS University of Idaho Applied Statistics
Thesis: Nonresponse Horvitz-Thompson methods for aerial surveys of wildlife populations.
Ph.D University of Idaho Wildlife Management
Dissertation: An evaluation of elk sightability in north central Idaho with application to aerial census and herd composition counts.

Professional Affiliations

The Wildlife Society, The Wildlife Disease Association, The Biometrics Society


Selected Publications

Walsh, D. P., and M. D. Samuel.  2012.  Factors affecting chronic wasting disease: a deer is not a deer is not a deer.  Pages 1-9 in D. P. Walsh, ed.  Enhanced surveillance strategies for detecting and monitoring chronic wasting disease in free-ranging cervids: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012–1036.

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