Lamoka Potato Fact Sheet

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Parentage – NY120 X NY115

Breeder – Walter De Jong; Cornell University

Interesting Fact – Named after one of a pair of twin lakes in upstate New York

Maturity – Medium-late season

Usage – Primarily grown for chipping; long-term storage

Plant –  Upright, large vigorous vines; pale green foliage (

Leaves – Large, light green; weak presence of secondary leaflets; medium ovate terminal leaf with an obtuse base; medium depth of veins; weak waviness of margins; no pubescence (

Flowers – White tipped magenta flowers; medium flower profusion (

Tubers –  Round, white flesh; slight to moderately textured skins; few external defects; tuber size similar to Atlantic; high specific gravity (

Strengths – Chip color out of storage is excellent; high yields; resistant to common scab and golden nematode race Ro1 (

Weaknesses – Some internal necrosis noted (

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