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Parentage – Wischip x FYF851

Breeder – Breeding cross made by UW-Madison Department of Horticulture and Rhinelander Agricultural Research Station in 19851,2,3; released for production in 20021

Maturity – Medium-late1,3

Usage – Primarily chipping1,3

Plant – Semi-upright growth habit with medium size stems2; large canopy size due to robust vine growth1; medium anthocyanin coloration on lower section of stems1,2

Leaves – Medium green color with medium glossiness on upper leaf side; sparse leaf hairs present; terminal leaflets are medium size, ovate with an acuminate tip1,2; three pairs of ovate, medium size primary leaflets along with six pairs of secondary and tertiary leaflets per leaf; medium anthocyanin coloration on petioles1

Flowers – Large size; light-purple pigmentation with yellow anthers and pale green stigma; high flowering profusion1,2

Tubers – Round-oval shape, medium to large size; rough tan skin with white flesh; seven to nine evenly distributed medium-shallow eyes per tuber; high specific gravity; medium-long dormancy1,2

Strengths – Resistance to common scab1,2; not sensitive to metribuzin; moderately resistant to early blight, powdery scab, pink rot, dry rot, soft rot and shatter bruise1

Weaknesses – Most frequent external defects are greening or secondary growth; susceptible to late blight1

References: 1Groza, H. I. et al. 2007. MegaChip-A New Potato Variety for Chipping. American Journal of Potato Research 84:343-350 2 3Wonning, P. R. 2015. Gardener’s Guide to Growing Potatoes in the Vegetable Garden: Growing a potato garden for beginners and veterans pg. 53. 5Wisconsin Seed Potato Staff

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