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Parentage – Wischip x FYF85

Breeder – UW-Madison Department of Horticulture and Rhinelander Agricultural Research Station (Groza, H. I. et al. 2007); breeding cross made in 1985; released for production in 2002 as tissue culture plantlets

Maturity – Mid-season

Usage – Primarily grown for chipping

Plant –  Semi-upright growth habit; large-sized canopy with robust plants (Groza, H. I. et al. 2007)

Leaves – Dark leaves; terminal leaflets are medium ovate with an acuminate tip; medium glossiness on upper side; sparse pubescence; medium presence of secondary leaflets ( (Groza, H. I. et al. 2007)

Flowers – Light-purple pigmentation; high flowering profusion; large sized flowers; flower buds are persistent; weak anthocyanin coloration in flower buds ( (Groza, H. I. et al. 2007)

Tubers –  Round-oval; white tan skin with white flesh; medium-shallow eyes; high specific gravity; medium to large size; medium-long dormancy ( (Groza, H. I. et al. 2007)

Strengths – High resistance to common scab; not sensitive to metribuzin; moderately resistant to foliar early blight, powdery scab, pink rot, dry rot and soft rot; fairly resistant to shatter bruise. ( (Groza, H. I. et al. 2007)

Weaknesses – Most frequent external defects are greening or secondary growth (Groza, H. I. et al. 2007)

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