Pike Potato Fact Sheet

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Parentage – Allegany x Atlantic

Breeder – New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University; released for production in 1996

Maturity – Mid-late season

Usage – Primarily grown for chipping

Plant –  Relatively dense canopy; main stems are thick with single wings; moderate purple pigmentation (www.potatoassociation.org)

Leaves – Relatively open with four pairs of primary leaflets (www.potatoassociation.org)

Flowers – White (www.potatoassociation.org)

Tubers –  Medium sized, spherical with shallow eyes; skin is buff colored and slightly netted; tuber dormancy is longer than Atlantic by at least couple of weeks; tends to set heavy with small tuber size; high specific gravity (www.potatoassociation.org)

Strengths – Excellent common scab resistance; resistant to golden nematode (www.potatoassociation.org)

Weaknesses – Tubers are susceptible to internal heat necrosis; not suited for table-stock as tuber flesh darkens after cooking (www.potatoassociation.org)

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Photos provided by Potato Associated of America; Virus photos provided by www.potatovirus.com.  For more information:  www.potatoassociation.org or www.inspection.gc.ca

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