Red LaSoda Potato Fact Sheet

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Red LaSoda
Deep Red Mutant of LaSoda
Red LaSoda

Parentage – Triumph x Katahdin

Breeder – LaSoda was developed by the Louisiana potato breeding program in 1948; Red LaSoda mutant was observed in 1949 and released for production by the USDA and the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station in 1953

Maturity – Mid-season

Usage – Primarily grown for fresh market; good for boiling, baking and frying

Plant –  Medium in size; spreading in habit; stems prominently angled, wings prominent and slightly waved; light pubescence on stems (

Leaves – Close, long, broad, dark green; midribs slightly pubescent; primary leaves ovate with three to four pair; numerous secondary and tertiary leaflets (

Flowers – Large, lavender flowers; scantly pubescent green buds ( (

Tubers –  Round to oblong, slightly flattened with medium deep eyes; skin texture is smooth and color is deep red which tends to fade with time; flesh color is white; tubers skin easily when handled; Specific gravity is low; dormancy is long ( (

Strengths – Potential for high yields; bright red colored tubers; tubers size early; resistant to tip burn, heat and drought damage ( (

Weaknesses – Tuber eye depth and off-shape tubers; susceptible to black leg, common scab, Fusarium dry rot, late blight, leaf roll, Verticillium wilt, PVX, PVY, corky ring spot and bacterial wilt ( (

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