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Red LaSoda
Deep Red Mutant of LaSoda
Red LaSoda

Parentage – Triumph x Katahdin1,2

Breeder – LaSoda was developed by the Louisiana potato breeding program in 19481,2; deep red mutant (Red LaSoda) was observed by Charles S. Blackman in Clark, South Dakota in 19492,3,4 and released for production by the USDA and the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station in 19531,4

Maturity – Mid-season2,3

Usage – Primarily grown for fresh market1; good for boiling, baking and frying2

Plant – Medium size with spreading foliage; green stems with light pubescence1,3; stems prominently angled with prominent and slightly waved wings2,3

Leaves – Dark green, close, long, broad; green midribs and petioles with slight pubescent; three to four pairs of medium size, ovate primary leaflets along with numerous secondary and tertiary leaflets2,3

Flowers – Large, lavender flowers with orange-yellow anthers; very little pollen is produced1,3,4; scantly pubescent green buds2

Tubers – Round to oblong with a slightly flattened shape; medium deep eyes with prominent eyebrows; smooth dark red skin that fades with time4; white flesh; low specific gravity; long dormancy1,2,3

Strengths – Potential for high yields of attractive bright red tubers that size early1; resistant to tip burn, heat and drought damage; moderately resistant to early blight2,3

Weaknesses – Variable eye depth and off-shape tubers; tubers skin easily when handled1; susceptible to black leg, common scab, Fusarium dry rot, late blight, potato leafroll virus, Verticillium wilt, corky ring spot, bacterial wilt and potato virus X and Y1,2,3

References: 1 2 3Webb, R. E. and Miller, J. C. 1954. Red la soda-A mutation of la soda. American Journal of Potato Research 31:40-43. 4Wonning, P. R. 2015. Gardener’s Guide to Growing Potatoes in the Vegetable Garden: Growing a potato Garden for Beginners or Veterans p. 55.

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